Tuesday, June 12, 2018

2018 Borderline Brawl Set For August 11th At All-Tech Raceway

Many of you know by now about the Borderline Brawl which was announced last week. This event is scheduled to be run at All-Tech Raceway on August 11th in Lake City, Florida. What you may not know about is the amount of interest that it is generating.

It has been one week to the day that this event was announced. Below is the post where the Borderline Brawl was announced: 

As you can see them mentioned above, several people immediately came on board to begin helping get the word out. And get the word out they did. Eric James, Sean Casey and Allen Haire went to work sharing information about the Brawl to all their friends and acquaintances especially the ones at Racing Trash Talk, their private Facebook group. (Warning: Racing Trash Talk is not for the feint of heart or cupcakes.)

By Thursday, Leo Johnson was able to present a payout for the Enduro/Thunderstock race at the Borderline Brawl.

Yesterday, Leo was able to provide information about people who are helping out to sponsor the race in various ways.
An event page has been started and all who will are encouraged to respond to that event as to whether or not they are able to attend and, by all means, please share it with your friends. Click here to go to the 2018 Borderline Brawl event page. Also, we are asking all drivers to provide basic information on the event page which will be used to put together a commemorative race program for the event.
More to come.