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Needmore Speedway Results 3/30/2019

1 B5 Jason Price
2 4 Bryan Reno
3 01G Jeff Guyton
4 2B Roland Benton
5 73 Patrick Rouse
6 83 Shawn Gibbs
7 7C Justin Carr
8 24 Dakota Nichols
9 76 Koby Moore
10 11 TC Broadway
11 15T Tim Tinson
12 77 Lil Troy Owens
13 81 Herndon Buie
14 33D Joey McRay, DNSF
15 07W Martin Weeks, DNSF
16 2 Shannon Curles, DNSF
17 OU812 Alvin Carlson, DNSF

Durrance Layne Street Stock
1 7 Leon Childs
2 11 Ronnie Lee Newsome
3 97 Derrick Pearce
4 19 Al Thomas
5 6 Ricky McDonald
6 17 Allen Scurry
7 15 Claude Stone
8 11 Hunter Robbins
9 44 Jeremy Nevels, DNSF
10 83 Andy Day, DNSF

Super Street
1 27 Jimmy Sloan, Jr
2 39 Allen Flournoy
3 07H Ryan Hembree
4 20 Steve Flippo
5 6 Billy Benefield
6 90 Larry Litton
7 77 David Pate
8 3X Tommy Clinard
9 71 Troy Owens, DQ

602 Sportsman
1 66 Cole Exum
2 79 Victor Matthews
3 Z5 Zane Johnson
4 17B Kevin Bennett
5 149 Tyler Summerlin
6 6 Kyle Bridges
7 14J Justin Bailey
8 5B Daniel Bailey
9 17P Tim Pitts
10 51 Austin Doeppke
11 55 Cody Stevens
12 99 Colby Higgins
13 88 Winn Collins
14 22 Jonah Bozeman
15 00M Marty McGuire
16 55 Zack Lee
17 12 Steven Bryant
18 13 Bailey Harris
19 21 Jeff Gill
20 3 Jack Dunham, DNSF

Southern Clash LM
1 27 Garrett Lloyd
2 02T Tyler Turvin
3 1D Dalton Cook
4 J1 Jay Johnson
5 14 John Baker
6 34 Travis Stone
7 17N Payton Nesmith
8 17P Andy Purvis
9 21 Hampton White
10 57C Don Corbitt
11 15 Michael Lloyd
12 21 Tom Jones, Jr

Madden Smokes The Field For Spring Nationals Win At Senoia Raceway

Submitted by Ted Austad
Photo credit: Tim Cooper

(Senoia, GA – March 31, 2019)  South Carolina’s Chris ‘Smokey’ Madden worked past Winston’s Michael Page on lap eleven of Saturday night’s main event and then smoked the field for the final forty-nine laps to win the 4th Annual Spring Nationals at Senoia Raceway.  It was Madden’s second victory in the early season tilt at the slick surfaced bull ring south of Atlanta.

Crisp Motorsports Park Videos 3/30/2019

These are all the feature videos we were able to obtain from Crisp Motorsports on 3/30/2019.

Pro Late Model Feature

2nd Legend Feature

1st Legend Feature

Bandalero Feature

Rookie Bandalero Feature

Go Kart Feature

Race Winners From Senoia Raceway 3/30/2019

Dixie Speedway Schedules Spring Championship For April 13th

Results For Needmore Speedway 3/16/2019

Southern Clash Late Model
44 Rhett Carter
1 Jay Johnson
18 David Markham
14 John Baker
17 Payton Nesmith
17 Andy Purvis
34 Travis Stone
24 Kitt Sealy

602 Sportsman
79 Victor Mathews
13 Bailey Harris
22 Jonah Bozeman
12 Steven Bryant
Z5 Zane Johnson
9 Pratt Cooper
3 Grayson Ott
00M Marty McGuire
02H Austin Hunnicutt
51 Austin Doeppke
55 Cody Stevens
03D Jack Dunham
88 Winn Collins
149 Tyler Summerlin
24S Chance Sealy
19 Mike Summer
10 Adam Giles, DNSF
29 Buddy Atkinson, DNSF

50th Anniversary Season Kick-Off At Senoia Raceway

Submitted by Ted Austad
Photo credits: Francis Hauke

(Senoia, GA – March 10, 2019)  Senoia Raceway officially kicked off their 50th Anniversary Season on Saturday night and the young guns showed the future is bright for the popular speed plant in eastern Coweta County.  Teenage drivers won the main events in the Super Late Models and Crate Late Models while a pair of twenty-somethings took home honors in the Limited Late Models and Late Model Sportsman.  None of the winners on Saturday night were even born when the track was built and opened in 1969 by Hence Pollard and his family.

Crisp Motorsports Park Season Opener Planned For March 16!

Saturday Night Winners At Senoia Raceway 3/9/2019

Golden Isles Speedway's Next Event Is April 20th

Golden Isles Speedway Results From 3/9/2019

Toccoa Raceway Season Opener Set For April 6th

Dixie Speedway Posts Their Special Event Schedule

North Florida Speedway's Season Opener Scheduled For This Weekend

The Cochran Clash

Kyle Bronson Wins Durrence Layne World Championship At Bubba Raceway Park!

Winter Thaw Event Marks Return Of Racing TO Senoia Raceway

Submitted by Ted Austad
Photo credits: Francis Hauke

(Senoia, GA – March 3, 2019)  The South’s Baddest Bull Ring, Senoia Raceway, cranked up the thunder on Saturday night with the running of the track’s inaugural Winter Thaw event.  Southeastern regional promoter’s of the year, Mayes Massey, Bill Massey and Doug Stevens opened up the popular 3/8ths mile race track with a jam-packed pit area full of hungry racers and a decent crowd of the spectators who were just as anxious for a new year to begin.

“The track was not as smooth as we would have liked,” said Mayes Massey, “But, Doug and his staff worked tirelessly after all the rain we have received to give the drivers a place to race this weekend.  And race they did!  The fans loved every minute of the show!”