Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Giveaways coming from everywhere for the Borderline Brawl

Finishing position giveaways for the Brawl Aug 11th

  1.Racers Helping Racers ( Chris Storey)  Case of oil  and wix filters
     Rhett Carter (Bazley Road Racing)
     St Johns River Campground (James Powell)
     Kent Corbin (Benny's Racing Equipment)  ($750) Racing Suit
     Central Mobile Homes   $500 to a florida driver that wins the race
     Silent Donation                $500 if Tim Goforth wins
                                             $400 if Shannon Curles wins
                                          or $300 if a Georgia car wins
 Grady Lloyd                        $250 if a Georgia car wins
 Jeff Waters                          $200 if a Georgia car wins
                                              $100 for the first two finishing GA cars
S.R.E Electrical Services (Ocala, Fl)       $250 if a Georgia car wins the race
  2. M&W Contracting   (Joey McGae)        Air Gauge

  3 RC Motorsports (Robby Metts)               5 gallons of 110 in jug

  4. Robby Exum                                           $100
      B4 Signs                                                 Compete wrap form B4 Signs
  5. Waycross Motor Speedway                   1 season pass  for 2018 and 2019 at WMS

  6. M&W Contracting                                 pit extension

  7 .SPS (Chad Tuten)                                  $200 off a drum of fuel

  8 .M&W Contacting                                  Duck Tape/ Pit Mat/Rivets

  9. M&W Contacting                                 Race jug and race funnel

10.Big T's Racing Supplys (Kelly Walker)   1 H500

11 Topnotch Graphics (Brian Green)            1 H500

12 Vip Sign & Graphics                             Half off a wrap valued at $500 ($250 off)
13 M&W Cont.                                          All Star Toe Plates

14 Fitz Factory (Jason Fitzgerald)             1 H500

15 SPS                                                      Fuel jug
16 M&W Cont.                                        Racing Gloves

17 Nevin Gainey Racing                         1 h500

18 Wholesale Automotive                      Air Rivet Gun/Rivets

19 M&W  Cont.                                      Mud Scrapper
20.Waycross Motor Speedway             1 season pass for 2018 and 2019

21.Fitz Factory                                      1 H500

22 M&W Contr.                                    Bead Breaker

23 Five Star Plumbing                           $50

24 Everett Phillips                                $200

25 Topnotch Signs                               1 H500
26 Wholesale Automotive                   Duck Tape /Pit Mat/ Rivets

27 Taylor Trailers                                $50

28 Taylor Trailers                                $50
29 M&W Contr.                                   Seat Belts

30 Chris Davis                                       $100

Five Star Plumbing                                   $50 to the 18 place finisher in non qualifier
 VIP Signs & Graphics                            Half off a wrap $500 ($250 off)
Kevin Durden                                          $200 to non qualifiers race
Deep Dixie Outreach                               $200 to non qualifiers race
Durrance Performance                             $200 to non qualifiers race
S.R.E. Electrical Services                        $200 to non qualifiers race
Last Air and Electric                                Trophy and the first ten Cochran locals entrys fees
Rim Rider Race Cars                                $100 to the fastest qualifier
                                                                 $100 to the fastest qualifier that doesn't make the race
Coty Reese                                               Simpson racing bag - best finishing GA car
Donnie Dobbins                                       Clubtails supplied, Hats , Decals

William Fisher                                         $50 hard charger
Hot Rod Keller                                         $50

Swainsboro Raceway                               $100 the leader of lap 25
B4 Signs                                                    $50  the leader of lap 4
John Kellum (K&K Hauling)                   $100 the leader of lap 41
Southway Crane                                        $50 the leader of lap 2,12,22,32
Wil Herrington                                          $50 the leader at lap 14
Chad Collins                                             $50 the leader at lap 5,15,25,35
Adam Giles                                               $100 the leader at lap 10
                                                                  $100 to a lucky fan (ball toss)
                                                                  $50 to the tenth fastest qualifier
Ryan Sowles                                              $100 to the leader of lap 50
Extreme Racing Engines                          $400 dyno session for the highest finishing Georgia car
Blue Gator Tiki Bar and  Restaurant  Dunnellon,Fl

Bad Boy Racing                                        $100 - Longest tow award   
S.R.E Electrical Services (Ocala, Fl)        $250 hard luck awarded for feature picked by Stalnaker Racing and 2 h500s to the 4th place qualifier
Lavon Sparks
Peterson Total Lawn Service (De leon Springs, Fl
Michaels Pool/ Plumbing St Augustine , Fl
Clay County Gutter                                  $100 to last place in the Non Qualifiers
Racing Trash Talk                            
Garrett Lloyd                                              9 entry fees paid
         James Shaw, Chad Taylor, Scott Crews, Shawn Taylor, Roger Wren, David Showers Sr, Leon Childs, Shane Taylor, Jonathan Rowe
Brian Green                                            $150 off a wrap