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Wanted And Needed: Public Relations People To Help Promote Racing (Reprint)

For What It's Worth, My 2 Cents 
(Editor's Note: This was originally written in February 2017. Since that time, Deep Dixie Racing Network is being formed as a tool to help unify the efforts to promote stock car racing. If you are a track promoter/manager, photographer, writer, or even sponsor who wants to get involved, we are looking for help and support. We would love hear from you. Go to our contact page to get in touch with us. )

by: Dale Hall
This is just my opinion and mine only. I see a glaring absence of any organized effort to promote stock car racing and that needs to be rectified for the good of the sport. Too many tracks and racing series do not have dedicated public relations people and, if they do, they most often resort to a hodgepodge of efforts to get information about their track or series out to the public. The most prominent of those efforts rely on social media and even those efforts often have no rhyme or reason. Just think about how many different ways the tracks or series each of you know about disseminate information regarding their upcoming events.

I am not saying that social media doesn't have it's place in this day and age of electronic media. For sure it does. What I am saying is that the way we done things twenty or thirty years ago doesn't necessarily work anymore and we need to adapt with the changing and evolving technology if we want to see stock car racing survive and continue to grow, hopefully, in a coordinated effort.

Racing With Jesus Chaplain Joe Kelly To Head Up New DDRN Outreach

The Deep Dixie Racing Network is proud to announce that Racing With Jesus Ministries Chaplain Joe Kelly will be heading up the new Deep Dixie Racing Outreach program. We will be providing more information about this new Christian-based outreach program soon.

Contact information:

Joe Kelly

Deep Dixie Racing Network Officially Begins

The brain trust at Deep Dixie Racing met yesterday and came up with what we think are positive changes which will help us further our mission of promoting stock car racing. Leo Johnson and Dale Hall have entered into a partnership and a new venture has arisen out of that partnership.  Here are a list of some of those changes going forward:

  • A new website will be created and it will be named Deep Dixie Racing Network. 
  • Deep Dixie Racing Network will continue the purpose of Deep Dixie Racing which is to be a positive promoter of stock car racing as a sport. 
  • The Deep Dixie Racing Network, as is indicative of its new name, will partner and affiliate with others that share the goal of promoting our sport.
  • We at the Deep Dixie Racing Network, will create a within our organization a new section and it will be called Deep Dixie Racing Outreach. It will be designed to reflect Christian values.
  • The Deep Dixie Racing Network will work with tracks to help promote their events through various and, hopefully, innovative ways.
  • The Deep Dixie Racing Network will work to provide original content to include such things as interviews, live programming, and even documentaries.

Additional changes will be forthcoming as well. We will update you often as we endeavor to evolve. Some of these upcoming changes will probably encourage and excite many of you in our racing community.

Please bear with us as we process through these changes.

For anyone who is interested in helping support us here at the new Deep Dixie Racing Network, please feel free to contact us. We are looking for sponsors and affiliates.

Contact information:

Leo Johnson

Dale Hall

Deep Dixie Racing Is Going Away

That's right. Deep Dixie Racing as you know it will cease to exist. Change is underway. Stay tuned for more.......